Coronavirus in Brittany: health situation update for Tuesday July 5

COVID-19 – Coronavirus in Brittany
Health situation update of July 5, 2022

The monitoring of confirmed cases is based on data from Public Health France, which includes the results of analyzes (PCR test) carried out by public and private laboratories.

Brittany records 45,001 new positive cases since June 28.
The incidence rate2 now amounts to 1,227.1 cases per 100
000 habitants (+457,8 points1) at the regional level with a positivity rate3 RT-PCR and antigen tests of 41,2 %.

The circulation of the covid-19 virus is accelerating further across the region, as has been the case for a month now. Hospital activity is also increasing with new admissions for COVID reasons.

In this context, the vaccination effort must therefore be accelerated to improve vaccination coverage, particularly that of booster doses in eligible persons.
To maintain effective protection against severe forms of Covid-19, carrying out a second vaccination booster is recommended for the most fragile (from the age of 60 and for immunocompromised people). Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

At the same time, it is essential to keep the right reflexes:

  • Prioritize outdoor activities;
  • Ventilate the premises regularly;
  • Wear the mask in closed places with a high concentration of the population and in transport;
  • Test yourself at the slightest symptom and in the event of a positive result, notify your loved ones and respect your isolation.

Find all the health data for July 5 in the downloadable press release at the bottom of the page.

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