Coronavirus in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques: stable indicators, 32,131 vaccine injections already carried out

This Wednesday evening, the indicators on the front of the epidemic in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques appeared stable. At the hospital, 154 patients (+3) were in the wards, including 15 (-1) in intensive care. Public Health France also had one additional death in 24 hours, bringing the toll since March to 412.

For the circulation of the virus, same stability, with a tiny increase, on February 14: 62.2 for the incidence rate and 2.39% for the positivity rate.

At the same time, the vaccination campaign is continuing. In the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, as of February 16, 32,131 first injections have been performed, and nearly 10,000 second doses have been given.

At the regional level, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with 262,625 first injections, remains the third region in France where we vaccinate the most after Ile-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

In the afternoon, the ARS specified that on February 16 still 425,050 doses of vaccine had been delivered to the region (356,850 Pfizer, 15,600 Moderna and 52,600 AstraZeneca vaccines) vaccines. And that nearly 200,000 vaccinations are still scheduled throughout the month of February.

Soon 70,000 new slots from March

But we know the difficulties, always, in obtaining appointments. “Depending on the vaccine delivery forecast in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in March, the vaccination centers will have the possibility of gradually opening 70,000 new slots for the first injections for the following 15 days, around 16,000 for the week of March 1, then over 20,000 per week as of March 15“specifies the ARS.

But as some centers already have waiting lists, some of the appointments will already be made. With the support of the departmental delegations of the ARS, the vaccination centers will be able to open new meetings every Monday depending on the schedule of their activity and the new deliveries announced.

By city doctors at the end of February beginning of March

Finally, remember that AstraZeneca will be available from the end of February, beginning of March 2021 via the city medicine (with delivery by pharmacies). “It will allow vaccination of 50 to 65 year olds with comorbid factors as a first step., with a limited number of doses per healthcare professional. A more significant increase in deliveries is planned from April, ”specifies the Regional Health Agency.

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