Coronavirus. More than 1700 cases among medical personnel in China. Six died

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After that, the authorities opted for a different strategy and are revealing more details about the situation in the country, particularly among medical personnel.

And what is happening is that the number of infected people among medical personnel in China is enormous. “As of February 11, there were 1,716 confirmed cases of coronavirus among medical personnel,” said Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission. “Among them, six unfortunately died,” he added.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said today that cases of Coronavirus outside China have not increased substantially, which is a good sign. The only exception remains the cruise that is stopped in Japan. 44 new cases were recorded. In total, there are now 218 passengers on that cruise who are infected with the coronavirus.

According to the WHO, there has also been a change in the pattern of mortality from coronavirus in recent days. The latest known numbers point to 121 more deaths. In total, 1381 people have died in China, victims of Covid-19. There are also more infections, for a total of 63862 cases.

Worldwide, there are 64447 infected people and 1384 fatalities.

In part, this increase in the number of infections reported is due to the new Chinese method of counting the disease. “The Chinese authorities confirmed that they have changed the method as the cases are being accounted for …, now including all suspected cases with a clinical diagnosis of pneumonia, which means that these new cases have not necessarily been confirmed in the laboratory as having Covid -19 “, indicates the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in a written response sent to the Lusa agency.

According to this center, which monitors Covid-19 in Europe, “despite the change (in the count), the number of cases reported so far cannot be compared with this new number (from the Chinese authorities) and that does not mean necessarily that the epidemic is increasing in China “.

ECDC further explains that “for cases in Europe, the current case definition does not take suspicious cases into account”.

“A confirmed case is a person with laboratory confirmation of Covid-19 infection, regardless of clinical signs and symptoms”, clarifies this entity. Thus, the most recent ECDC data – which are “in line with the case definition applied in the relevant countries” – indicate that, between 31 December and today, 60,330 cases of Covid-19 were recorded worldwide, having if 1,369 deaths were recorded.

According to ECDC, there are currently 35 confirmed cases in the European Union (EU): 16 in Germany, 11 in France, three in Italy, two in Spain and one in Belgium, Finland and Sweden.

In addition, in Europe, nine cases in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, ECDC considers that, “currently, the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection for the population of the EU, European Economic Area and United Kingdom is low”.

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