Coronavirus: one day in the world

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) has killed at least 1,198,516 worldwide this Sunday, November 1, 2020 since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease at the end of December, according to an established report by Johns Hopkins University. More than 46.3 million cases of infection have been diagnosed (46,360,945) since the start of the epidemic and 30,925,151 remissions.

Once again hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), European countries have announced restrictions including confinement, sparking protests among populations as in Spain, Germany and Italy, where demonstrations are increasing.

Across Europe, the number of additional recorded cases jumped 41% in one week, accounting for half of the cases reported in the past seven days worldwide. The United States is the country most affected and the most bereaved. In terms of the most deadly countries, Brazil is in second place, followed by India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Morocco recorded during the 24 hours from Saturday 6 p.m. to Sunday 6 p.m., 3,460 new confirmed cases of coronavirus, 3,038 new healings and 67 deaths, for a national total since the start of the epidemic, of 222,544 proven contaminations, indicated the Ministry of Health during its daily press briefing. The Hespress monitoring and monitoring platform,, details that the Kingdom now has 222,544 confirmed cases, 3,762 deaths (i.e. a mortality rate of 1.69%), 184,313 healings, 3,125,328 cases excluded after negative laboratory tests (an increase of 17,762), and 34,469 cases under treatment including 840 in serious condition (69 under intubation).

In Africa the coronavirus is still spreading stealthily. Africa CDC reveals in its data this Sunday, November 1, 2020, 1,785,714 cases of infections, 42,899 deaths and 1,459,430 remissions on the continent. South Africa is the cradle of the pandemic on the African continent the number of confirmed cases is 725,452 (+1,770) and 19,276 (+46) dead. It is followed by Morocco 222,544 (+3,460) confirmed cases and 3,762 deaths (+67), by Egypt, 107,555 (+179) cases and 6,266 (+8) deaths. Ethiopia is next (96,583 cases and 1,478 deaths, Nigeria 62,853 cases and 1,144 deaths, Libya 62,045 cases and 871 deaths, Tunisia 61,115 cases and 1,348 deaths, Algeria 57,942 cases and 1,964 deaths and from Ghana 48,124 cases and 320 deaths.

France deplores 224 deaths from the coronavirus and 36,641 new contaminations in 24 hours. The death toll now stands at 37,057 deaths since the start of the epidemic, for a total of 1,458,999 confirmed cases of contamination, making it the fifth most affected country in the world. Italy has 709,335 (+26,743) cases and 38,826 (+ 208) deaths. In the United Kingdom, this Sunday, November 1, 2020, there are 1,038,054 (+23,254) confirmed cases and 46,807 (+162) deaths in total. Spain is this Sunday at 1,185,678 cases (+ 24,595) confirmed cases and 35,878 deaths (+239). Russia reports 1,618,116 (+18,665) confirmed cases and 27,990 (+245) deaths. Germany currently has 532 930 (+14 177) recorded cases and 10 481 deaths (+ 29). Romania has today counted 5,753 new contaminations in 24 hours for a total of 241,339 cases and 6,968 (+97) deaths due to Covid-19.

In the United States, the first country most affected and the most bruised, 926 deaths were added this Wednesday to make a macabre total of 230,814 deaths while the number of new cases rose to 87,379 contaminations while on Saturday the day before they had recorded more than 94,000 daily cases, the country has 9,176,710 cases of infections. In Brazil the daily number of deaths is 407 Sunday, November 1, 2020, making a total of 159,884 deaths. The country stands at 5,535,605 (+18,947) so far. Peru has 902,503 (+ 2,323) cases of contamination and 34,476 (+65) deaths. Mexico has 924,962 (+ 4,437) cases and 91,753 (+367) deaths, this figure would be underestimated. Chile has 511,864 cases and counts 14,247 deaths in total, Argentina, the seventh most affected country in the world, has 1,166,924 (+18,326) cases and 31,002 deaths and Colombia has 1,073,809 cases and 31 598 deaths.

In India, the second most populous country in the world with 1.3 billion people, 122,160 deaths (+ 468) have been recorded, according to the Ministry of Health, which still puts it in third place for the death toll behind the United States and Brazil and the second most affected country with 8,184,082 confirmed cases (+46,715). South Korea has 26,635 cases of infections (+120) and 466 deaths (+2). China reports 24 new infections with the coronavirus (Covid-19) in 24 hours and counts 85,997 cases in total and 4,634 (+0 in 5 months) dead. Japan has 770 new cases of contamination and 11 deaths in 24 hours for a total of 100,392 cases and 1,755 deaths. Iran has 386 deaths in 24 hours, i.e. 34,864 in total, and now has 612,772 (+ 7,280) declared cases.

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