News Coronavirus, one of the two Venetian patients died |...

Coronavirus, one of the two Venetian patients died | It is the first Italian victim


February 22, 2020 1:11 am

The conditions of Adriano Trevisan, 78, had immediately appeared very serious. Minister Speranza: “Even in Veneto restrictive measures”

The 78-year-old, former owner of a small construction company, had three children, one of whom had been mayor of Vo ‘Euganeo.

Minister Speranza: “Even in Veneto restrictive measures” Even for the areas of the Veneto where the two elders lived, restrictive measures such as those provided for the Lodi area will be triggered. Health Minister Roberto Speranza said this after the Civil Protection meeting. “The goal is to contain the epidemic in limited geographical areas”, the minister explained underlining that the measures will follow those already implemented for the 10 Municipalities in the province of Lodi.

The Schiavonia hospital, where the two infected were hospitalized, will be emptied and sanitized. The president of Veneto Zaia announced it. “We are gradually going to empty the hospital, so as to sanitize everything,” he said.

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