Coronavirus psychosis: a Chinese bazaar is sealed in Valencia by a false alarm

The Local Police of Algemesí has ​​temporarily sealed a Chinese bazaar of this Valencian municipality on Friday after being alerted that there could be a citizen of the Asian country affected by the coronavirus, a circumstance that the City Council has finally ruled out.

The Consistory has published a message in its public profiles on social networks at 15 hours in which it “clarifies” what happened and underlines that “any reason for concern for the population is ruled out”, for this false alarm, the second in the Valencian Community, after the case of an Icelandic tourist hospitalized and isolated in Torrevieja because he did not speak Spanish, English or French and there was a confusion when he traveled to Asia, but not to China.

In just three sentences, this message indicates that the Local Police have received a warning “because a Chinese citizen could be affected by the ‘disease’ of the coronavirus.”

He also reported that “the protocol had been launched” and had “sealed a trade”.

“After it has been verified that ‘this citizen’ has not been in Algemesí and that he does not live here,” the Consistory said in his message, in reference, as detailed by the newspaper Las Provincias, to a person who allegedly would have returned from China and that showed symptoms like cough.

Countryman Alert
According to this newspaper, the Local Police have received a call from a Chinese citizen alerting to the alleged presence of a fellow countryman with suspicious symptoms, who was in the trade that has been sealed by the agents.

The Valencian newspaper reports that the agents have put on gowns and masks to enter this bazaar and that they have confined those who were inside for about fifteen minutes, until they have verified that the person allegedly ill on which they had Alert has not been or resides in this municipality. .

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