Coronavirus, the reopening of discos postponed: “Too many party and local risks”

As reported by the newspaper Il Messaggero, for any changes to the Dpcm the executive takes more time, waiting to understand the developments of the signals that also come from neighboring countries.

Minister Speranza and the line of prudence Health Minister Roberto Speranza reiterated that we are not yet in a phase where we can let our guard down: “Covid-19 international data are still worrying. The latest signals from France, Spain and Germany still tell us one once the battle is not won, not even in Europe. ” In the Senate question time he then confirmed the prudence line and announced that in the next August decree “very significant resources will be provided to finance an extraordinary plan for the national health service and to meet the needs of long waiting lists”, which have worsened also because of the lockdown.

The choice of the governmentOn Thursday, after a teleconference meeting between Speranza and the G7 health ministers, the decision to wait before launching a new Dpcm took shape, with the much awaited reopening measures, especially by the managers of the discos that, meanwhile, have met the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia.

Avoid what is happening in Spain However, the line of prudence prevailed. Italy does not want to replicate what happened in Spain with outbreaks born precisely from parties in the nightclubs of Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Cordoba. In this scenario, and with other neighboring countries such as France and Germany which have seen a significant increase in positive cases, the government has slowed down to new reopenings.

Cts: “The Italians don’t waste the sacrifices made” According to the coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, Dr. Agostino Miozzo “in Italy yesterday there were almost 400 positive cases in one day, it seems to me that this should already invite the sense of responsibility. And beyond the Italian data, what worries are the numbers across the border. Of very close countries, but also very distant. We are not satisfied if there are restrictive measures, but we cannot remain silent if we understand that some reopenings have pitfalls. I think of discos, I think of gatherings, I think at wedding parties. ” The advice of the CTS is therefore to “resist”: “The Italians have been very good – explains Miozzo -, the whole world recognizes us, they made enormous sacrifices to stop the spread of the coronavirus, it would be foolish to disperse this result now”.


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