Coronavirus virus wreaks havoc in US

Washington: The corona virus has once again wreaked havoc in the United States, the world’s leading country for vaccine vaccination. Despite the fact that 70 per cent of the people in the country have been vaccinated, there is no significant reduction in the spread of Kovid in the country, according to a report. Delta virus, a new variant of the Kovid virus, is the most common virus in the United States. Last June saw the highest number of Kovid patients admitted to hospitals in the United States. But as of last week, 72,790 new cases were coming in every day. Of these, 95% of patients are infected with the Covid delta virus.

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Authorities in San Francisco have ordered the imposition of masks inside homes, as the Covid have begun to spread rapidly. In addition to San Francisco, masks have been tightened in Sacramento, Yolo, Los Angeles and Louisiana.

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