Corruption before the CRIEF: Souleymane Traoré cites the late Robert Mugabé to justify his property!!!

Director General of the Road Maintenance Fund from 2014 to 2022, Souleymane Traoré was on Monday before the Court of Repression of Economic and Financial Offences.

He is being prosecuted for embezzlement of public funds, corruption of public officials, money laundering, illicit enrichment, over-invoicing of several tens of billions of GNF.

At the helm of the Court of Repression of Economic and Financial Offenses this Monday, March 27, the accused Souleymane Traoré denied the facts.

So, when the president of CRIEF asked about the lawful origin of his property, Souleymane Traoré declared that when he was appointed head of this service, the annual budget was 300 billion GNF, but “I did everything to increase the budget to 600 billion GNF. 95% of the amount was distributed between the contracting authorities who have contracts with the service”, speaking of his prowess as a good manager at the head of the road maintenance fund.

But the service being rented, he has taken steps to ensure that the headquarters have a worthy headquarters, since it is not worthy that the State is rented in its own country.

Thus, the cost of the new headquarters was estimated at 12 million euros, but steps taken with the banks did not prosper.

A second step for the construction of a headquarters for the Road Maintenance Fund has been initiated. This cost according to Souleymane Traoré was increased to 85 billion GNF. That’s how the building was obtained, so it’s not his building that he’s been blamed for.

Souleymane Traoré says he has no regrets for having taken up the challenge, since the services of the road maintenance fund are no longer rented. Some State services are even housed at the level of the building.

Speaking of his bank accounts as well as that of his son Mamady Prince Traoré, he said he opened a bank account for his son as many parents do.

When he arrived at the head of the Road Maintenance Fund, Souleymane Traoré said his account was between 2 and 3 billion GNF. This, thanks to its functions related to (study and advice) with local and international structures.

This is not all because Souleymane Traoré affirms that he also has gold detecting machines, agricultural machines with cereals from agriculture that he resold.

Moreover, as a chef, he traveled a lot around the world to participate in international meetings and gatherings.

As a leader, he was always hosted by his peers from the host countries, while the mission costs were between 5 and 6 thousand euros. “But since I lead a modest life, I put the money in my accounts,” says Souleymane Traoré.

In addition, Souleymane Traoré affirms that during a trip to Zimbabwe, “the meeting I was to attend coincided with President Robert Mugabé’s birthday. The participants in this meeting were invited by the president who made gifts for us. I deposited this amount also in my accounts”, declared Souleymane Traoré to justify the lawful nature of his income and his bank accounts.

When asked by the president of CRIEF if he had any evidence or documents to justify the origin of his funds, which amount to several tens of billions of GNF, Souleymane Traoré’s answer was vague and evasive.

In any case, the former president of Zimbabwe, the late Robert Mugabé is no longer around to bring the contradiction.

Ousmane CISSE

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