Côte d’Ivoire lifts sanctions against multinational Hershey

Published on : 05/12/2020 – 15:15

The Café Cacao Council launched an offensive earlier this week against two giant chocolate makers, accusing them of not paying a special premium intended to better remunerate farmers producing cocoa. Hershey would have undertaken to pay this premium.

It’s a bonus, the decent income differential (DRD), which amounts to 400 dollars per tonne of cocoa, and which the multinationals Hershey and Mars did not pay, which crystallized all the tensions.

In a letter to the American multinational on Friday, the Côte d’Ivoire Café Cacao Council said it had officially lifted the sanctions. It was a suspension of Hershey’s sustainability programs in the country, programs certifying that large chocolate groups buy cocoa ” ethics ».

The Café Cacao Council offensive at the start of the week has apparently worked. After discussions between representatives of the company and the Ivorian organization on Tuesday, Hershey pledged to pay this DRD, according to the Café Cacao Council.

In its letter, the Ivorian Council hopes that it will no longer be brought to ” suspend the chocolate maker programs again “. It is still unclear whether the sanctions remain in place for the chocolate maker Mars, also accused of not paying this premium.

For its part, Ghana, the world’s second largest cocoa producer which had also announced sanctions, has not yet reacted.


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