Coti’s scandalous prediction about the Big Brother plaque that caused a furore: “Leave him alone”

One more week what happens in the house Big Brother and every time there are modifications on the delete plate, the ones that got deleted from the reality show by decision of the public, at which time Coti He saw his right moment to appear on the screen and comment on it.

This time, they asked him about how the elimination plate was going to look, in reference to the saved by the leaders of the week, who were romina and marcos. The two had to debate hard about it and the former deputy kirchnerista seemed to have more strength in the decision they were going to make with the man from Salta.

“I thought that, between Marcos and Romi, Romi was the one who was going to speak the most and it was like, I don’t know, to have more than 70 percent of the decision, because Marcos is a little more calm in that sense”began by evaluating the correntina.

The strategy that Coti sees in Ariel’s salvation in Big Brother:

“I thought I was going to use the fact that there were two girls left, to leave Agustín alone against the two girls and ally them, against Agus so that he would leave”was the lucubration of Coti, in what would be an overly studied plate, something that the reality of Big Brother It proved that it wasn’t useful, and she was left out.

“It’s what I thought and, in the end, I think it happened that way”finished your evaluation Coti. After her presentation, Georgina Barbarossa asked Juliana her opinion: “I think that this plate does not favor Agus at all”sentenced the Rosario.

“I think Marcos was carried away by Ari by discarding, because clearly he did not want to save either Tora or Daniela, they are two people who have been voting”expressed Maxi’s girlfriend with obvious logic.

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