Sport Cougars. Juan Dinenno questions reduction of wages in Liga...

Cougars. Juan Dinenno questions reduction of wages in Liga MX


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Mexico City / 03/26/2020 22:31:49

Juan Dinenno, forward of the Pumas, was blunt when asked about the possibility that reduce your salary in the feline club in the face of the looming economic recession, to which he questioned whether the leaders would also be willing to receive a lower salary.

“There is talk of soccer players, but I would ask the bankers, the big businessmen or those who have great positions in the multinationals, if they would be able to reduce the salary in this situation. Players are put into focus, because they are the most popular, but it would be a particular situation. I have to analyze it, see if it is to benefit people. It is difficult to speak without full knowledge of the cause, “he said in an interview with ESPN.

However, the Argentine scorer explained that so far they have not proposed a reduction in salary in the blue-blue institution, although he insisted that in order for it to proceed he should know the merits of said action well.

“The truth has not told us anything. It is a very particular topic, it is very difficult to talk about something like that, for a player or anyone. The issue is where the funds would go or why the pay cut, you should see that. In Mexico there are many private companies behind the clubs, but as a private you have a contract and it depends a lot on the individual, if each one wants to have a gesture, ”he concluded.



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