Courcelles Tree Theft: Residents Rally to Replace Stolen Trees and Light Up for the Holidays

2023-12-04 17:35:00

It’s a real tradition in Courcelles, where residents are invited to decorate the trees made available by the municipality in the streets. This year, 400 trees were put up, which corresponds to a cost of 2000 euros. But around ten fir trees, all located in Gouy-lez-Piéton, were stolen.

Courcelles lights up for the holidays

An act that the residents regret, who wonder about the purpose of such theft. “A tree cannot be said to cost hundreds and thousands. I am sad that we are doing this,” explains a resident on RTL. “Whether it’s to resell them or simply to harm the village, we don’t know but it’s true that it’s small I would say. It’s a shame,” declared Laurent, a pharmacist from the region, to our colleagues.

One thing is certain, the town has decided not to let this incident tarnish the end of year celebrations and is committed to replacing all the stolen trees. “There, we are about ten fir trees which have already disappeared, but it is localized. It’s really on Gouy. And if there is ever any information and you can help us to find out more, you can contact the commune of Courcelles and we will be happy to do the research. We are investigating,” calls Joël Hasselin, folklore alderman of Courcelles.

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