Covid-19: an infectious disease specialist calls for prevention to focus on vaccination

Dakar, March 2 (APS) – Professor Moussa Seydi, head of the infectious and tropical diseases department at Fann hospital in Dakar, once again insisted on Tuesday on the need to focus henceforth on prevention against new coronavirus on vaccination.

The Covid-19 virus kills, but the vaccine does not kill. Prevention must now focus on vaccination. This is the only appeal that must be made to the populations, ” said Professor Seydi in a communication on the assessment of the management of the epidemic one year after its appearance in Senegal.

Senegal launched its national vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus last Tuesday after the government acquired 200,000 doses of the vaccine from the Chinese firm, Sinopharm.

According to data from the Ministry of Health and Social Action, more than 27,000 people have already been vaccinated after six days of operations.

The country is due to receive another 300,000 doses of vaccine this Wednesday as part of the Covax initiative.

Since the officialization of the first case of Covid-19, on March 2, the country has counted as of March 1, 2021 in all 34,732 patients of the new coronavirus. 29,161 have since recovered and 880 have died.


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