COVID-19: “Deplorable” delays in the Outaouais to obtain screening results

It takes seven days on average, and by definition more in some cases, to get your COVID-19 test results in the Outaouais, delays described as “deplorable”.

The issue was raised this week in the National Assembly. The Liberals have been questioning the Legault government for weeks to obtain solutions that are slow to materialize on the ground.

“The situation is extremely deplorable in the Outaouais. Its residents are on their own. Effective screening tests are the sinews of war to break the chains of transmission. I am very worried, ”said Marie Montpetit, official opposition spokesperson for health, in an interview with the QMI Agency on Wednesday.

The Outaouais Health and Social Services Center (CISSSO) is not playing ostrich. He admits to having difficulties, but says his hands are tied by Health Canada, which is slow to approve a new device that could analyze 1,100 additional tests per day.

“It’s a big challenge. The machine is calibrated, the staff is trained, but we cannot use it until Health Canada provides us with its approval, ”said France Dumont, Deputy President and CEO of CISSSO.

The federal institution replies that the pandemic has led to an unprecedented demand for medical devices, but specifies that new mechanisms are in place to accelerate their access.

During this time, it is not uncommon for citizens to have to wait up to 10 days, sometimes longer, for their results. Circumstances that cause anxiety-inducing effects in many.

“I did not see my elderly parents for fear of passing the virus on to them. It’s hard on mental health, ”says Joshua Moyneur, who has fibromyalgia and received a negative result Wednesday morning, eight days after his test during which he had to suspend his activities.

This situation means that many residents of the Outaouais cross the river to take their test in Ottawa, where 56% of the results are delivered in less than 48 hours.

Ottawa Public Health confirmed Wednesday to the QMI Agency that screening centers in the national capital still accept “patients from outside, including residents of Quebec.”


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