COVID-19: the first vaccines will arrive in January

Some six million doses of COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Canada by March and the first will be available in January, the Ontario health minister hinted at Wednesday.

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Asked during question period at Queen’s Park, Christine Elliott revealed that four million doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and two million doses of the vaccine developed by Moderna will be delivered to the country between January and March.

“We anticipate receiving 1.6 million doses of Pfizer and 800,000 of Moderna,” said the Ontario Minister of Health.

His federal counterpart, Patty Hajdu, refused to confirm these figures, avoiding questions from journalists.

“It is very exciting that Canada is well positioned with these two companies to receive millions of doses of vaccines,” simply replied the Federal Minister of Health, before discussing the next steps to be taken, such as the licensing of vaccines by Health Canada.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Alberta Department of Health told the “Toronto Star” that the vaccines would be distributed on a pro rata basis of the population in each province, regardless of the number of employees they have in their network. the health or severity of the pandemic in their respective territory.

If this statement turns out to be true, Quebec would therefore receive less than 400,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine and less than 200,000 doses of Moderna’s vaccine between January and March.

Here again, Minister Hajdu dodged the question by simply stating that negotiations are still underway between Ottawa and the provinces on this subject.

“As you know, we have agreements for the distribution of personal protective equipment and rapid tests, and we will continue to use the same approach for vaccines,” she said.

The announcement of the discovery of vaccines that would be effective up to 95% for that of Pfizer and 94.5% for that of Moderna has rekindled hopes of a possible return to normal in the past two days.

Remember that Canada has reserved 76 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, which requires two doses to be effective, in addition to 56 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine. Canada is the country that has reserved the most doses of different vaccines in the world.

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