Covid-19: towards vaccine production in South Africa

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa welcomed this public-private partnership formalized on Wednesday. For the guide of the rainbow nation, it is a ” breakthrough in the protection of African nations Against the pandemic.

Cyril Ramaphosa underlined that Africa “ currently has less access to vaccination “Compared to other parts of the world, before asserting that this agreement” will significantly contribute to health security on this continent ».

Indeed, said the South African head of state, 100 million doses should leave the future plant each year. A production exclusively intended for Member States of the African Union (AU).

The contract signed with Pfizer includes technology transfer. In addition, the Cape Town unit must integrate, by the end of 2021, the supply chain of the global pharmaceutical giant to source the drug substance from BioNTech (associated with Pfizer in the development of a vaccine against Covid-19) in Germany.

This messenger RNA vaccine manufacturing project, according to Cyril Ramaphosa, requires a cost-shared investment of US $ 14 million over the next six months. In the opinion of the President of South Africa, “ the protection of populations (of the continent) is a necessary and essential contribution to the protection of humanity ».


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