COVID-19 was wrongly considered a respiratory disease, scientists at UCLA find

From the outset of the pandemic, COVID-19 was thought to be a respiratory disease. Those infected with the coronavirus showed characteristic symptoms – from mild to moderate degrees, many recovered without any professional medical help.

But new research claims COVID-19 is a vascular disease. According to a study by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, published in the Journal Circulation Research, the virus infects the arterial circulatory system. The S-protein, which forms the very “crown”, attacks the ACE2 receptor, causing damage to the mitochondria of cells, and as a result – the vascular endothelium, the newspaper writes. Times of India.

The study created a “pseudovirus” that included only the S-protein and no other parts of the virus to demonstrate in the laboratory that this protein alone is sufficient to cause COVID-19.

Scientists also note that vascular problems in covid may be related to the patient’s immune response. And the effect on the respiratory system is caused by inflammation of the vascular tissue of the lungs. This is why some people suffer from stroke or other illnesses with COVID-19.


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