High-Paying House Cleaner Job in New York: Requirements and Application Process

2024-04-26 00:56:41

NY It is one of the states most visited by tourists when they travel to USA. Here you will find great tourist attractions, shops, theaters and more. Its diversity converges with the idea that we can find almost all nationalities in the same space.

Within this diversity, companies NY They also request different personnel, in order to serve and provide quality service. That’s where an interesting job appears that is paying the sum of U$D 60 per hour.

What is the job like in New York that pays U$D 60 per hour?

This is the position of House cleaner to formally work in the company called We Just Clean Inc. It is versatile, since it can be taken full or part time, depending on the needs of the spaces.

Preferably, this company looks for residents in Manhattan, Brooklyn y Queens. One of the fundamental requirements is have a valid driver’s licensesince you will be able to move from one house to another.

What are the full requirements of this job in New York?

  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Have reliable transportation to drive to job sites and transport supplies and equipment to and from job sites.
  • Positive attitude, outlook and sense of humor.
  • Being able to cope with the demands of physical work such as cleaning the house.
  • Pass an employment background check and drug screening as a condition of offer of employment
  • Experience: residential cleaning for one year

Tasks to perform

  • Perform repetitive cleaning tasks every day.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and order of clients’ homes
  • Travel to clients’ homes and apartment buildings

To be able to apply for this job you just have to go to the website Simply Hired .

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