Crazy! Hotman Paris Wins Chef Arnold’s ‘Gold’ Popcorn Auction of IDR 50 Million


Hotman Paris back to attention after he won the auction of Chef Arnold’s popcorn. This gold mixed popcorn is paid for IDR 50 million!

Recently, Chef Arnold created his popcorn. Not the usual caramel popcorn or salty popcorn, it makes coffee candy-flavored popcorn.

What’s more, this popcorn is made with a mixture of edible gold, aka edible gold. Be the luxury anti-mainstream popcorn that tastes fantastic.

Hotman Paris Wins Rp.50 Million Popcorn Chef Arnold Auction Photo: Instagram @ arnoldpo / @hotmanparisofficial

Not to be eaten alone, this popcorn was auctioned off by Chef Arnold. He opened the initial price of Rp. 500 thousand. Whoever is free to bid the price, later the highest bidder will be able to bring home and taste this popcorn.

Hundreds of netizens competing to mention numbers during the auction. There are those who dare to redeem Rp. 510 thousand, and some even dare to raise the price of Rp. 20 million.

Initially, this auction only contained jokes from netizens who originally mentioned numbers, but unexpectedly, Hotman Paris also monitored this auction. This famous lawyer also commented.

“Hotman puts the figure of Rp.50,000,000 !!! There is a match ??” Hotman Paris wrote in the comments column.

Sure enough, the popcorn auction which was closed on Wednesday (18/11) at 18.00 was won by Hotman Paris. Chef Arnold also made an official announcement and declared this golden popcorn entitled to be brought home by Hotman Paris.

“ATTENTION & WATCH IT. The true SULTAN! Up in the sky there is still Bang Hotman !!! My popcorn kopiko was bid and bought @hotmanparisofficial for Rp.50,000,000. Bang Hotman please DM me for the payment and delivery address. For kalean who challenge these aren’t cans, “said Chef Arnold.

Hotman Paris, who finally got this luxurious popcorn jar, also didn’t want to be outdone. This morning, he uploaded a photo of eating popcorn made by Chef Arnold.

“Popcorn and art work together, a masterpiece concocted by the hands of Chef @arnoldpo … A small price for invaluable creative value … That’s why Hotman must have it regardless of the price … and the taste matches the chef’s level (yes Hotman wins the auction. popcorn for Rp 50 million .. the first really delicious popcorn, “explained Hotman Paris.

This popcorn auction has succeeded in attracting public attention. Many also commented on the exorbitant auction price of popcorn.

Chef Arnold auctioned his 'golden' popcorn, how much it sold?Chef Arnold auctioned his ‘golden’ popcorn, how much it sold? Photo: Instagram @arnoldpo

“The price of the popcorn can buy me a year at my house,” said netizens.

“This is what he said is 50 million? Geez, it’s better if I buy a motorbike,” said another netizen.

“Chef Arnold is better off now to be popcorn, I can get rich quick,” concluded other netizens.

Apart from Hotman Paris, there are also many public figures who participated in the popcorn auction. Like Luna Maya, Crazy Rich Surabaya to Ria Ricis. However, this popcorn finally fell into Bang’s hands Hotman Paris.

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