Crazy rainfall and the first dance in the rubber band – Agris Daņiļevičs remembers the curious wedding day

Tonight he will be invited to a cordial show by a friend – musician Kaspars Zemītis. Waiting for Kaspars to arrive at the show studio, the show’s hosts Lauris Reiniks and Elīna Fīrmane will interview the choreographer not only about their passion for dance and fishing, but will also invite them to reveal fascinating memories of the madness of their youth and the madness they experienced with the dance team and family. Everyone is especially moved by the love with which Agris talks about his wife and the amusing story about both weddings.

The wedding ceremony was held by Daņiļeviči in the church of the Open-Air Museum, but then the celebrations continued in both houses “Putni”. In addition, a lot of curiosities and misunderstandings were experienced throughout the day, which will be remembered for a long time. During the “official” wedding ceremony, take care of a particularly bright adventure. son Rudolf, who was four years old at the time: “We come out of the church and look – Rūdiņš runs towards me and gives me a bouquet of dandelions. And says – Dad, that’s you! Because my mother already has a bouquet. bouquet of dandelions for me. ”

Afterwards, “Putnos” went especially special – the guests were surprised by the unexpected rain, the first wedding dance in the rubber band and even the disappearance of the boat. “It all ended with the bride’s dress being cut in half because a terrible rain was pouring and the dress was wet. But the bride danced in rubber boots, ”laughs Agris remembers the wedding day. However, this is not the end of the misunderstanding – the boat, which was intended for the newlyweds for a romantic trip, managed to “catch” and go on a trip with another couple.

You will find out what unfortunate adventures unite the guests of this evening’s program Agri Daņiļevičs and Kaspars Zemītis in tonight’s 360TV program “Tell me loud”.

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