Cristian Castro closed his social networks after anonymous accusations of abuse | TV and Show

Several women accused the Mexican singer in the last hours through social networks of mistreatment and humiliation Cristian castro, who recently publicly introduced his new partner. After the accusations, the musician closed his social networks.

“He’s dirty, he’s always looking good, he doesn’t like to brush his teeth and it’s a fight to get him to use a condom, he takes it off without you noticing“An anonymous woman explained about the singer, detailing that he had written to her on Instagram and the communication intensified until he invited her to his home in Los Angeles.

The testimonials collected by the account Cristian Castro Abuser On Twitter and Instagram they all follow a very similar pattern: the artist allegedly wrote messages through Instagram to some of his followers and, as confidence grew, he promised them all kinds of things and ended up inviting them to his house.

Some of them, according to the profile, agreed to go see him. One of them published an image and a video of the singer’s house in Malibu.

The page also posted very recent screenshots, from the first days of 2021, in which according to samples, he asks for intimate photos and makes sexual proposals to the women he conversed with.

However, the alleged victims report that after talking for a while, or even when they were already at home, Castro I began to pay less attention to them, to make them cook and clean, to criticize their bodies, to insult them and to have very “strange” attitudes.

“Everything has already happened, but the psychological damage was tremendous, today I realize that I was subjected through a deception and then psychologically mistreated,” said another of the alleged victims.

Last Monday, the 46-year-old artist published an image on his Instagram profile with which he presented as his new partner, Maite.

“Hello everyone! After a long time, years, of being single, you know everything I have been through, my sentimental failures … Today Maite is part of my life and I want to welcome her and let you know her, “she wrote next to a photograph in which the couple appears looking at each other and smiling.

Despite the thrill of her words, her happiness was soon overshadowed by the recent accusations and Castro’s account is disabled.

However, it is not the first time that he has been accused of being aggressive and having strange attitudes, since his first wife, the model Gabriela Bo, said he came to attack her on one occasion. In addition, the artist himself acknowledged having beaten his mother.


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