Cristian Castro went to Luis Miguel’s last recital and showed that there are no grudges left

2023-08-19 20:34:00

After decades of estrangement, Cristian castro showed that there are no grudges between him and Luis Miguel and was present at the Movistar Arena, during the last recital of “El Sol de México” in Argentina. On social media, videos went viral where the son of the renowned Verónica Castro is seen singing some of his colleague’s hits.

Cristian Castro came to recognize that there was no friendship with the interpreter of “When the sun heats up” because “Luismi had not wanted to”, but this Friday he surprised his presence among the public enjoying his last show.

Last Friday, August 18, was the last of the ten concerts that Luis Miguel performed in Argentina and Castro did not want to miss it.

In a video that was circulated on social networks, Castro is seen enjoying the interpretation of the hit “Suave”. In another video it sounds “Until you forget me” and the artist is seen as one more fan among the public.

Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro: why did they fight?

in the series Luis Miguel from Netflix appears an explanation of this distance between the musicians. There Castro appears as a character, with the name of Cris Valdés and a modified lyric of the song “No podrás”.

In that version of the story it looked like Luis Miguel suffered from strong jealousy when he saw how his “opponent” had a great sudden success and then the rancor escalated over a love issue.

Goodbye to Chico Novarro, the composer who inspired countless artists with his lyrics

In 2019, Cristian Castró confessed in ph can we talk that the fight had been over a woman. “They are secrets with which she should write a book; Today we are not friends because he did not want to, ”she said then.

This woman was Daisy Fuentes who was first a couple of Castro and then Luis Miguel. “Luismi was a brother and I felt that he really liked her, so I told her to try dating him. I let him in because I love him very much, ”she related.

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