Cristiano Ronaldo Mocks Sergio Ramos Over Instagram Followers as Rumors Swirl

2023-08-18 09:04:24

Portuguese Super Striker Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed sports star on Instagram. 600 million people follow the star. Lionel Messi in second place has 483 million followers. Ronaldo, the Saudi Al-Nasr player, has trolled Sergio Ramos, the former team-mate of both of them, over his Instagram followers.

A teammate of Lionel Messi at PSG and Cristiano at Real Madrid, Ramos’ Instagram post when he reached 60 million followers led to Cristiano’s ‘mockery’. We started in 2014. Ramos’ post read, ‘Though it was thought impossible, now we have the strength of 60 million.’ But Cristiano’s troll with laughing and crying emojis said, ‘You need another zero to be with me’. ‘Don’t be too confident Chris. He is a comeback specialist. 93 minutes and more,’ was Ramos’ joking reply.

Ramos, who was a star of Paris Saint-Germain, is now a free agent after his contract expired. He was rumored to join the Saudi Pro League to join Cristiano, and to join Messi in the American Major League. However, the actor has not yet opened his mind.

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