Cristina Kirchner sent to warn that she does not want to tie the tie

Even though voted to legalize abortion when she was a senator in 2018, now Cristina Kirchner wants avoid being the figure that defines the sanction of the law in case there is a tie between the “green” and the “blue” sectors in the Senate. As Speaker of the Upper House, It is only allowed to vote in the event of a tie.

The pro-government senators who articulate the “green” sector and seek to change their votes to some of their “blue” peers on the bench began to make the same speech: “Cristina does not want to tie the tie”. To that argument they add another: “The Government cannot lose”, in reference to that the legal abortion bill was sent to Congress by Alberto Fernandez.

In recent weeks, some speculated that Cristina would seek to have a central role in the session in which the law on Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy is discussed and that she would seek to equalize the vote to be able to tie the tie in the style of Julio Cobos and the agonizing denouement of resolution 125.

Senator Norma Durango. He will preside over the committee debate on the abortion law.

According to that speculation, the former president would seek to look like flag bearer of the “greens”.

But according to the Senate, Cristina’s position is different. Pro and anti-abortion sources on the bench agreed in describing that inside the upper house, the former president is prescient and impartial.

Let it do and, even if it is passive, thus allows the treatment of the project to advance. If I had wanted to bog down, I could have delayed start of treatment this Monday in committee of the project or decide that the head committee for the discussion would be Health (chaired by the “celeste” Mario Fiad) instead of the Women’s Bank (presided over by the “green” Norma Durango).

The official version of his disregard is that he wants avoid stressing more the ruling party of the Frente de Todos. It is understood: the block has 40 members and today 22 are “green” and 18 are “blue.” After the treatment of the project in the enclosure, Cristina will have to continue leading the entire space.

Other elements would enter into the decision of the former president. One, key, is its special relationship with the Pope Francisco. The other is political: on the abortion issue I would like to avoid being on one side or the other, beyond what I intimately think and how you voted two years ago.

The fight in the Senate looks very even so far and a tie scenario does not appear in principle crazy. For this reason, the “greens” of the ruling party have the mission of preventing the vote from being equal.

With the tucumano Jose Alperovich absent -is on leave after being reported for sexual abuse a year ago by a niece– 71 senators will be able to participate in the session.

Alperovich voted against abortion in 2018; Senate sources flatly ruled out the possibility that the Tucuman could end his license in a surprise manner to participate in the vote on the abortion law. “It would be a scandal “, they grant in the “celestial” sector.

Although the senators who would be in a position to participate add up to an odd number, there could still be a tie in case of absences or abstentions.

It is rumored, for example, that the Neuquén senator Lucila Crexell You could abstain because you do not agree that the termination of pregnancy can take place until the 14th week of gestation. From both sectors they try to convince her to accompany them. Another who would abstain is the radical from Catamarca Oscar Castillo, who in 2018 had voted in favor of the law.

It is known that Ernesto Martinez (Together for the Change-Córdoba) does not like the half-sanction of Deputies, specifically the article that enables sanatoriums with conscientious objectors to refer women who request the practice. But nothing indicates that the Cordovan is going to conspire against the sanction of the law.

Although the sessions are remote, in the one last Friday, when the new retirement mobility and the cut of funds to the City of Buenos Aires were approved, there were four absent senators.

One was Carlos Menem, who with health problems –he is 90 years old– missed some sessions this year. From the celestial they assure that the Rioja will be present “yes or yes”. We will have to wait until Tuesday 29, the day scheduled for the session, to confirm it.

Carlos Menem was absent in the last session of the Senate, last Friday.

Carlos Menem was absent in the last session of the Senate, last Friday.

Until last week, the scores of the “celestial” sector of the Senate counted 36 senators against, 34 in favor and Crexell.

After lmid-sanction last Friday in Deputies, the numbers in the Senate would have been even. The Pampean Juan Carlos Marino, who voted against in 2018, is now rethinking his position.

That of eventual absences or abstentions is a letter that the Executive Power has to guarantee the sanction of the law. “They are playing hard, we are going to see who of ours they touch. They are going to operate with the governors ”, anticipates the move a“ celestial ”senator.

Three ministers go to the Senate

The Ministers of Health, Ginés González García; of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta; and the Legal and Technical Secretary, Vilma Ibarra, will present this Monday on the project of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) before a plenary session of the Senate committees, which will thus begin the discussion of the initiative that has already received half approval from the Chamber of Deputies.

The intention of the senators who are in favor of the legalization of abortion is to issue an opinion on Thursday 17 and discuss the text in a virtual session to be held on December 29.

The civil servants will expose from the 14 to the commissions Banking of the Woman, Justice and Health, that lead the government officials Norma Durango Y Oscar Parrilli and the radical Mario Fiad.


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