Cruise ship “Viking Polaris” hit by monster wave – one dead

Fatal accident in Antarctica: A cruise ship got caught in a severe storm – and was hit by a monster wave.

A giant wave killed one person and injured four others on an Antarctic cruise ship. The wave hit the “Viking Polaris” in the middle of a heavy storm, the Viking group said on Thursday (local time). The ship was reportedly on its way to Ushuaia, Argentina.

According to the information, the “Viking Polaris” was partially damaged by the wave. The boat moored in Ushuaia. Reporters from the afp news agency reported from the port, around 3,200 kilometers south of the capital Buenos Aires, that, among other things, several windows had been broken.

Just two weeks ago, another Antarctic cruise had a fatal accident: two 76 and 80-year-old men died when they were traveling in a dinghy and it capsized.

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