Cruz Azul vs Tigres result by date 14 Mexican soccer video goals summary

Blue Cross received this Saturday, October 17, Tigers at the Azteca Stadium, in a spicy duel corresponding to matchday 14 of Guardians Tournament 2020 from Liga MX. The feline team took the victory and climbed to the second position of the table; likewise, he approaches the leader of the championship, León de Pedro Aquino.

Yoshimar Yotún he was present at the duel and was the starter; However, he retired in the second half and it was noted how indispensable La Maquina is, since since his departure the blue team became weaker in the midfield; especially after the first goal of the visit.

The first half was similar to a boxing match, as both rivals met; that is to say, they were hardly hurt. Nueva León’s team was asleep in the first section and only had one shot on goal, which was in the 33rd minute and did not create danger for Corona.

On the other hand, Guido Pizarro was injured and had to be replaced by Jordan Sierra eight minutes into halftime. It was a hard blow for the ‘Tuca’ Ferretti team because he is the captain and cornerstone at the wheel. For the complement they came out with the same energies.

Nahuel Guzman more and more important with his saves. The locals appealed to shots from long distance and from all over the field, but the Argentine goalkeeper was always attentive.

The match took a radical change in the 60th minute when the main judge went to the VAR to observe a play in which the Tigres goalkeeper raised his leg over an opposing player in the area after catching the ball. He charged a penalty and warned him with yellow.

However, the show of the former Newell’s player began, as it made Jonathan Rodríguez nervous and he missed his shot. This had a positive impact on the felines, who went on the attack and put the balance on their side.

At 68, Nicolas Lopez He took a bombshell inside the area and left goalkeeper Corona without reaction so that against all odds, Tigres would take the lead on the scoreboard at Azteca, when they had practically no clear goal option.

Ten minutes later the French Andre Pierre Gignac he scored the second by changing the direction of a shot from his teammate Sierra. 2-0 and it was history over despite the fact that those from Cruz Azul sought the discount, the result would not move. Huge victory of Tigers out of home.

Cruz Azul vs. Tigres: match summary

Cruz Azul vs. Tigres LIVE: match broadcast

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Cruz Azul vs. Tigres LIVE: second half

Cruz Azul vs. Tigers!

93 ′ Jonathan Rodríguez finishes off in the area, but a defender sweeps away and avoids Cruz Azul’s discount.

91 ′ THE MACHINE IS SAVED! Corona leaves a short rebound and Gignac is alone in front of the goal, but sends it to the side.

88 ′ Cruz Azul has lowered the intensity of his attack and sends balls to his forwards.

85 ′ FORGIVE TIGERS! Rafael Carioca stays hand in hand with Corona inside the area, but the goalkeeper saves his shot and avoids the third.

83 ′ Tigres has moved back their lines and the 11 players are in their own field to go out quickly to the counterattack.

80 ′ Cruz Azul continues looking for the discount with centers on the sides; especially from the right wing.

77 ′ GOAL OF TIGERS! Reyes rejected very weak and Sierra finished first, but André-Pierre Gignac got in the way and changed the trajectory of the ball, scoring 2-0 over Cruz Azul.

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75 ′ ALMOST! Jonathan Rodríguez shoots from the middle to the edge of the area, but the ball goes over the goal.

73 ′ THE judge admonishes Adrián Aldrete for a strong sweep over Javier Aquino.

71 ′ GOAL CANCELED! Escobar connects with a header and scores after a cross from Rivero, but everything is invalid because of the defender’s offside.

68 ′ GOAL OF TIGRES! Nico López takes a shoe from inside the area and it is impossible to save for Corona to open the scoring in Azteca.

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67 ′ THE MACHINE HAD IT! Jonathan Rodríguez finishes off after a cross from Rivero’s right, but sends his shot outside the goal.

66 ′ FOR LITTLE! Gignac tries to connect with a header, but the opposing defenders make him uncomfortable and the ball goes astray.

65 ′ Yellow card on Josué Reyes after a foul on Javier Aquino.

64 ′ Change in Cruz Azul: Yoshimar Yotún leaves the field and Santiago Giménez enters.

60 ′ The game has taken a 360 ° turn after the penalty missed by Cruz Azul and now Tigres is who has possession of the ball.

57 ′ ATAJADÓN! Corona stretches in a shot from outside the area of ​​Nico López and manages to avoid the goal of Tigres.

54 ′ RODRÍGUEZ FAILED HER! The Cruz Azul striker hits a shoe flush with the grass and sends it through the side of the goal.

52 ′ The referee paralyzes the game and goes to the VAR to review a possible foul by Nahuel Guzmán on a rival player when he stopped Alvarado’s shot.

49 ′ UFFFF! Roberto Alvarado’s bombshell that the Tigres goalkeeper manages to save in two halves and send her aside.

46 ′ Change in Tigers: Leo Fernández retires and Eduardo Vargas enters.

Cruz Azul vs. Tigers LIVE: first half

42 ′ Escobar steps on Dueñas, who is sore on the grass, but the jeuz does not admonish the Cruz Azul player.

39′ Ignacio Rivero is shown a yellow card for a hard foul on a Tigres player.

37 ′ Change in Tigers: Jordan Sierra comes in to replace the injured Guido Pizarro.

36 ′ INJURED! Guido Pizarro can’t take it anymore and has to retire from the field.

35 ′ Tigres has managed to get hold of the ball and attack Cruz Azul from the left side.

33 ′ FIRST SHOT AT THE ARC! Gignac takes a scissors from almost outside the area and the shot hits the middle of the arc.

30 ′ Jonathan Rodríguez tries to finish off the goal at the edge of the area, but the ball deflects into an opposing player.

26 ′ Guido Pizarro is treated by the doctors after throwing himself on the grass and will be able to continue playing.

21 ′ Tigres can not pass the 3/4 of the court and Gignac has to go back to touch the ball, but still not enough.

17 ′ Alvarado tested Nahuel Guzmán’s goal with a long-distance shot that goes from one side of the goal.

12 ′ AGAIN NAHUEL! Escobar heads into the area and the Tigres goalkeeper saves his goal.

10 ′ Cruz Azul continues to dominate the actions and does not give the ball to the felines.

7 ′ Escobar reaches the rival area and has a rebound left, but his shot is saved by Nahuel Guzmán.

5 ′ Romo and Dueñas come face to face and the referee warns them both with a yellow card.

2 ′ Jonathan Rodríguez finishes inside the area, but Nahuel Guzmán was attentive and keeps the ball.

Cruz Azul vs. Tigers!

Cruz Azul vs. Tigres: confirmed lineups

Blue Cross: Jesús Corona, Juan Escobar, Julio Domínguez, Josué Reyes, Adrián Aldrete, Roberto Alvarado, Yoshimar Yotún, Luis Romo, Ignacio Rivero, Orbelín Pineda, Jonathan Rodríguez.

Tigers: Nahuel Guzmán, Luis Rodríguez, Diego Reyes, Guido Pizarro, Francisco Meza, Javier Aquino, Rafael de Souza, Jesús Dueñas, Nico López, Leo Fernández, André-Pierre Gignac.

Last matches of Cruz Azul

  • Toluca 2-0 Cruz Azul
  • Cruz Azul 0-0 America
  • Mazatlan 2-3 Cruz Azul

Tigres last matches

  • Tigres 3-0 Atlético San Luis
  • Monterrey 0-2 Tigers
  • Tigres 3-0 Querétaro

Cruz Azul vs. Tigers by Afizzizados

Narration: Marc Crosas – Carlos Aguilar

Comments: Aldo Farías – Andrés Vaca

Cruz Azul vs. Tigres: match sheet

Cruz Azul vs. Tigers
When do they play? Saturday October 17
What time? 9.00 pm (Peru and Mexico time)
Where? Aztec stadium
On what channel? Afizzionados

Cruz Azul vs. Tigres: prelude to the match

The Saturday day of Guardians 2020 League MX Tournament will close with an intense match between Blue Cross, a club that ranks second in the standings, and Tigers, located in fifth place. The results achieved by both teams in recent dates have been different, since the Machine accumulates two games in a row without winning, while its rival on duty only knows of victories four games ago.

In the duel on date 13, the capital team was clearly beaten 2-0 by Toluca. The most benefited from his defeat was León, who was able to take advantage of him in the standings and now leads alone with 30 points, four more than his guard.

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The feline team, meanwhile, beat Atlético San Luis 3-0 in their last match and now has five consecutive games without losing (four wins and a draw). An important detail of this match was the return to goal, after four dates, of his striker André-Pierre Gignac, who reached nine goals and is second in the championship scoring table.

Regarding statistics, it can be seen that Cruz Azul has the advantage, because it has not lost against Tigres, in any competition, since 2017. However, it cannot be said that its victories have been so comfortable because in all cases they were only by one goal difference.

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What time to see Cruz Azul vs. Tigers?

  • Mexico: 9.00 p. m.
  • Costa Rica: 8 p.m.
  • Colombia: 9.00 p. m.
  • Ecuador: 9.00 p. m.
  • Perú: 9.00 p. m.
  • United States (New York, Miami, Washington DC and Florida): 10.00 pm
  • Bolivia: 10.00 p. m.
  • Venezuela: 10.00 p. m.
  • Argentina: 11.00 p. m.
  • Brasil: 11.00 p. m.
  • Chile: 11.00 p. m.
  • Paraguay: 10.00 p. m.
  • Uruguay: 11.00 p. m.
  • Spain: 4.00 am (Sunday 18)

What channel does Cruz Azul transmit vs. Tigers?

The transmission of Cruz Azul vs. Tigers for North American countries it will be in charge of the following channels. If you want to follow the game FREE online, check the coverage of The Sports Republic, with the best plays and goals of this commitment.

  • Mexico: Afizzionados
  • United States: TUDN USA, Univision
  • Canada: OneSoccer

Cruz Azul vs. Tigers: possible alignments

Blue Cross: Jesus Crown; Juan Escobar, Josué Reyes, Julio César Domínguez, Adrián Aldrete; Elías Hernández, Luis Romo, Ignacio Rivero, Orbelín Pineda; Jonathan Rodríguez, Santiago Giménez.

DT: Robert Siboldi

Tigers: Nahuel Guzmán; Luis Rodríguez, Hugo Ayala, Francisco Meza, Carlos Salcedo, Jesús Dueñas; Rafael Carioca, Guido Pizarro; Leo Fernández, André Pierre Gignac, Julián Quiñones.

DT: Ricardo Ferretti

Aztec stadium

Cruz Azul vs. Tigers: recent history

  • Cruz Azul 1-1 Tigers | GNP Cup
  • Cruz Azul 2-1 Tigres | MX League
  • Tigres 1-1 Cruz Azul | MX League
  • Tigres 1-2 Cruz Azul | Leagues Cup
  • Tigres 0-1 Cruz Azul | MX League

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