Cruz Azul would take Alonso Escoboza instead of Mayorga

Blue Cross he’s not having a good time at all Opening 2022 and the injury of Alexander Mayorga could make things worse for the team Diego Aguirre. After five days played in the tournament, the cement team has barely been able to win a game.

It was on the first day where the sky-blue club beat tigersto later fall to Pachuca y Atlas. On the fourth and fifth dates they tied against Puebla y Athletic San Luis respectively, so it could be said that they accumulate four games without winning.

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Alonso Escoboza would go to Cruz Azul

The transfer market is not over for Blue Cross and even more so after the departure of Santiago Giménez. The striker will be announced as a new player of the Feyenoord from Eredivisie and thus, the Machine could find a replacement for him. There is even talk of

Diego Costa
but for now there has been no formal offer for the Brazilian naturalized Spanish.

However, the player who would be in the crosshairs of Blue Cross es Alonso Escoboza. The Mexican had already been an option for the board but apparently nothing was finalized. However, after the injury Alexander Mayorgathe operation would have been reactivated.


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The left winger can also play on the side on that side and that would be the reason why the Machine would take him to their ranks. It should be remembered that for this season they released Adrian Aldretewho signed with Pumasthinking of Mayorga as the one who would stay in that position. However, Alejandro suffered a tear in his left thigh that will keep him out for six weeks.

For now, the 29-year-old is playing with the Necaxa. It will be in the next few days when Cruz Azul solve that situation and also that of Ramiro Funes Moriwho would come to reinforce the cement defense.

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