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2023-04-19 16:46:39

The Herd Is Growing – Cult of the Lamb is getting more content on April 24th with Relics of the Old Faith!

Massive Monster and Return Digital announce that Relics of the Old Faith – the first major content update of the award-winning and rightly idolized Cult of the Lamb – Will come down for free on PC and consoles on April 24, 2023. Praise be to the Lamb. Fresh in the Indie World presentation and already on Nintendo Connect:

The update features an all-new post-game storyline in which a mysterious being equips the Lamb with relics that trigger unique effects and alter combat in a variety of ways, and sends it on newly-imagined Crusades. New ceremonies unlock more relics, which are collected in the Book of Relics. Piece by piece, the lamb fights his way through the new story with the help of the relics to find out what the three ducks are all about – exciting, mysterious, absolutely iconic!

Combat is also expanded to include heavy attacks, allowing the Lamb to delve deeper into the unknown where even greater challenges await. Players will need to use all of their skills not to fail.

Running a cult involves more than defeating monsters and converting infidels. That’s why Relics of the Old Faith also includes a range of new content that makes daily cult life easier. Shared accommodations with up to 3 sleeping places solve emerging space problems and in the kitchen the believers can now cook up to 30 meals for the community. However, a growing cult does not only entail space problems when accommodating the living – the mountains of corpses can be stylishly accommodated in the new crypt. And the new signs also combine beauty and utility. Placed in the fields, they not only look beautiful, but also ensure that only certain crops are grown through the persuasiveness of the lamb.

The update also brings new shapes for the faithful, including badgers, penguins, raccoons and more… And because it’s all so beautiful, the most beautiful memories of your own cult can now be captured for eternity with the new photo mode.

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