Curious about the strangest creatures on the planet, anyone who sees them is startled

Blood-red jellyfish is one of the The weirdest creature on the planet. They were discovered by scientists during a North Atlantic expedition in 2021. This strikingly colored jellyfish belongs to the genus Poralia – which includes jellyfish with bell-shaped heads and up to 30 tentacles. This is one of the most fragile creatures.Glass octopus (Vitreledonella richardi) has an almost transparent body. Only the eyes, optic nerve and digestive tract of this octopus are visible.The Venezuelan Poodle Moth has a bizarre appearance that looks like creature alien with poodle-like fur covering the head, chest, abdomen and even wings.Blue dragons or blue angels are beautiful names for the sea slug Glaucus Atlanticus. This species lives in warm waters in the oceans. Each individual green dragon has a slightly flattened body and is distinguished by 6 sublime limbs with beautiful radiating branches.The Dumbo octopus is a species of umbrella octopus, distributed almost all over the world. Its name comes from Disney’s famous cartoon character, the flying elephant “Dumbo”. This species of octopus is so called mainly because of its ears and overall appearance that is quite similar to the elephant “Dumbo”.Macropinna microstoma fish live at depths of about 600 – 800m. They are almost always motionless underwater. Their appearance is quite special when there is a body part like a transparent “dome” filled with liquid on top. As a result, the iris and its internal contents are clearly visible from the outside.Irrawaddy dolphins mainly live in the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. The interesting feature of this dolphin is that the head is very round and has almost no protruding beak.The red-lipped bat fish, scientifically known as Ogcocephalus Darwini, can walk on the seabed with its fins. Thanks to possessing thick curved lips that are eye-catching and attractive like humans, they can recognize or attract mates.The panda ant looks like a combination of an ant and a panda. However, they are actually a form of wingless wasps. This breed has fairly thick fur and a “life expectancy” of about 2 years.Honduran white bats have snow-white fur instead of black like other bats. In addition, they also have a nose, 2 ears like a leaf.Invite readers to watch the video: Strange leech-like creatures invade people’s houses in Dong Thap. Source: THDT1.

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