Customs Seizes Counterfeit Beauty Machines: Five Arrested for Violating Trade Descriptions Ordinance

2023-12-20 12:18:16

[Now News Channel]Customs seized six suspected counterfeit beauty machines from four beauty salons and arrested five people on suspicion of violating the Trade Descriptions Ordinance.

Customs received a tip-off and arrested five ladies aged between 32 and 49 at beauty salons located in Shek Mun, Lai Chi Kok, Mong Kok and Tsuen Wan for allegedly violating the Trade Descriptions Ordinance.

Six beauty and slimming devices were seized during the operation. Each device is estimated to be worth NT$60,000, which is only one-sixth of the price of genuine devices. The first counterfeit instrument has no trademark logo and genuine stickers, while the other counterfeit instrument has a relatively dark trademark and a right-angled armrest. The beauty salon involved in the case charges NT$500 to NT$10,000 for each treatment, which is more than 30% lower than the normal fee.

Customs pointed out that the energy output of the counterfeit equipment was at least half that of the genuine equipment.

Senior Inspector Ng Ka-jun of the and Trademark General Investigation Section of the Customs: “This time, after preliminary confirmation by the trademark holder, the treatment energy output of the counterfeit equipment is far lower than that of the genuine product. In other words, the cosmetic effect is questionable. Since the relevant treatment this time involves radio frequency or ultrasonic technology, Directly reaching the deep layers of consumers’ skin, if non-guaranteed equipment is used for treatment, it may cause redness, swelling or even burns on the consumer’s skin, failing to achieve cosmetic effects, and even causing more harm than gain.”


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