Cut of TF1 channels by Canal +: The animators of the One mobilize (almost all) and speak directly to viewers in a clip posted online this evening – Watch

In the conflict that has pitted TF1 against the Canal Plus Group for several days for the distribution of its channels, the hosts of the front page are mobilizing (almost all) and are addressing viewers directly in a clip posted this evening on all networks social. A clip where you will recognize strong faces from TF1, TMC or even TFX.

During the Canal+ group’s back-to-school conference given this Wednesday evening, the boss of the encrypted channel Maxime Saada returned to the dispute between him and TF1. He denounces the crazy prices asked by TF1 to broadcast free channels, even comparing the requirements of the One to those of big American studios like Sony or Universal.

This cut still concerns 5.4 million households, including nearly 2 million located in the white zone and which depend on the TNT Sat service. This situation is already having visible consequences on the audiences of the TF1 channels, since the front page news has been regularly overtaken by the France 2 newspaper since the signal was cut.

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