“Cutter” in pensioner solidarity contributions at the bottom ceiling of each scale – 2024-02-20 18:21:36

Speaking to the Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Social Security, Mr. Panos Tsakloglou, referred to the new “architecture” of pensioner solidarity contributions.

According to Mr. Tsakloglou, he characteristically stated that “the Pensioner Solidarity Contribution should be made more proportional, ensuring that after the contribution is paid, the amount of the pension will not fall below the ceiling of the scale on which the contribution was imposed.

However, it is important that any adjustment and normalization be done in the most fiscally neutral way possible, in order not to disturb the country’s fiscal balance, nor the AKAGE budget, which concerns money intended for the new generation.”

Valid information states that it has been “locked” that the bottom ceiling of each pension scale will be included as a “cutter” for any further burden.

However, it has not yet been “locked in” whether the existing scale of contributions on the total pension will remain (with a “cutter” at the bottom ceiling of each scale), although it is one of the scenarios being considered, according to the same sources, or there will be a scale of contributions on the difference between the floor and the ceiling of each scale.

It is recalled that the existing since 2011 scale of solidarity contributions to the main pensions is as follows:

For pensions from €1,400.01 to €1,700.00, 3% rate

For pensions from €1,700.01 to €2,000.00, 6% rate

For pensions from €2,000.01 to €2,300.00, 7% rate

For pensions from €2,300.01 to €2,600.00, 9% rate

For pensions from €2,600.01 to €2,900.00, 10% rate

For pensions from €2,900.01 to €3,200.00, 12% rate

For pensions from €3,200.01 to €3,500.00, rate 13%

For pensions from €3,500.01 and above, a rate of 14%.

For example, according to newsit, based on the existing regime, a 6% contribution of 108 euros is imposed on a pension of 1800 euros. After the imposition of this levy, the pension amounts to 1,692 euros, i.e. it falls below 1,800 euros.

In case the government adopted the scenario of the “cutter” at the level of the lower ceiling of each scale, then the contribution would amount to 100 euros, that is, the pensioner would save 8 euros and his pension would amount to 1700 euros.

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