Cybersecurity, the key to trust in 5G

In Finland, a leading telecoms country, experts have looked into the matter.

Through Slim Allagui

Ensuring consumer confidence is essential for Finns.
Ensuring consumer confidence is essential for Finns. 171290087 / metamorworks –

In the streets of Turku in western Finland, city buses are equipped with 5G, to the satisfaction of passengers connected to the ultra-fast Wi-Fi network of Elisa, one of the country’s major operators. Elisa is since 2019 the first in Europe to market 5G in partnership with the Chinese Huawei, extended to date to 13 cities.

“The future of the digital society will be built on this revolutionary technology which opens up new opportunities for innovation, economic prosperity and the well-being of citizens”, according to the Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka. “But this development must go hand in hand with data protection to ensure public confidence in 5G”, he said on the sidelines of a cybersecurity debate, “Leading Edge 5G Forum”, Thursday in Helsinki.

Finland, “A country at the forefront of cybersecurity, is striving to secure this digital future by focusing on this issue from the first stage of the deployment of this

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