“Cycling in Wallonia: Lagging Behind Flanders, but Catching Up with a Growing Network”

2023-05-11 05:02:25

In Wallonia, only 2.4% of the inhabitants use their bicycle daily to go to work. It’s almost 10 times less than in Flanders. The south of the country is lagging behind, but hopes to catch up. “Un quality cycling network, it may be beautiful trails, but it costs. We don’t have an inexhaustible budget. explain Benoit Dupriezthe cycle network manager for the Public Service of Wallonia.

The Region is also more hilly than Flanders. Not all arrangements are possible. “The most effective solution is therefore as much as possible to use local roads. Traffic is calmed, transit is eliminated, speed is limited. And we can secure a network at a lower cost.

10 cities have been designated “pilot municipalities” of the Wallonia Cycling Map 10 years ago. This is for example the case of Ottignies. Here, a series of cycling facilities have been created towards the station, which sees some 22,000 commuters pass through each week. Soon, a cyclostrade will see the light of day.

First of all, it will be a question of connecting Wavre to Court-Saint-Etienne. There we will connect to Ravel to Nivelles. In Wavre, you can also join the cyclostrade which will follow the E411 to Namur. Work on these Walloon cycle highways has not yet started. Patience.

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