CYCLONE FREDDY – The Southwest region under water

The moderate tropical storm called Freddy remained nearly seventy-two hours around the coasts of the Atsimo Andrefana and Menabe regions. The accompanying rains are excessive.

Excessive rain. The cyclone shunned in the Mozambique Channel. Freddy stayed nearly four days in the vicinity of the Atsimo Andrefana and Menabe regions without the center wanting to touch the coasts. The tropical storm was stationary about 170km west of Toliara during the day yesterday Sunday. It was only moving at a speed of 7km/h towards the south southeast. The alert has already been given by the Department of Meteorology since Thursday. The bad weather, after destroying Mozambique killing seven people last week, went all the way to Zimbabwe to return to the Mozambique Channel. The rain had been in full swing since Thursday in the Atsimo Andrefana region. The districts of Ankazoabo, Benenitra and Beroroha or even Betioky received unusual rainfall.
Friday afternoon until yesterday Sunday, it did not stop raining in Toliara, Morombe and part of Ampanihy. The district of Morombe is very affected by the rising waters mixed with sea water. Five fokontany, out of the eight making up the urban commune of Morombe, are flooded. The first images in circulation show that the water reaches up to the hips and canoes are mobilized to allow urban traffic. Provisional figures from the Prefectural Committee for Risk and Disaster Management report 100 affected households.
The municipality of Ambahikily, located on the RN55 leading to Morombe from Toliara is also in great difficulty. A mother has died and we see local authorities offering their condolences in the modest home of the deceased, feet and knees in the water. The abundance of water passing over two riffles located on the RN55 does not allow access to Morombe. “I appeal to all authorities and goodwill to help us urgently. Everything is flooded, if only in the middle of the city of the urban municipality of Morombe,” says the mayor of Morombe, Adolphe Faralahy. The site intended to accommodate disaster victims is also flooded.

Hiherena monte

In Toliara, the incessant rains from the upstream of the Fiherenana river in Sakaraha, raised the level of the river passing under the Belalanda bridge on the RN9, linking Toliara to Mangily. At 6 p.m. yesterday Sunday, the water level was 2m above the total height of the bridge.
There is a rise of 5cm per hour for the last twenty-four hours and the worst is to be feared because the maximum level of the bridge is 4m. Families living on the edge of the Fiherenana dyke have been made aware of joining other dwellings or joining accommodation sites in the event of a disaster. The streets of the city of the sun are flooded whether in Andaboly in front of the Maitre Kira stadium, in front of the BOA in Toliara Center, the central police station, the gendarmerie and the parking lot in Sanfily, Mahavatse, Besakoa. The covered gymnasium of Tsenengea, in the center of Toliara serves as the main accommodation site for the victims of Toliara. Yesterday, many people claiming to be affected came to the gymnasium because it was planned that an organization would serve hot meals. Only, it turns out that 80% of them are not attested by the fokontany chiefs.

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