Cypriot students won a championship in Turkey and then the earthquake killed them!

Official statistics recorded the death toll rising to 29,605 people

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A week after one of the largest humanitarian disasters to hit the region, the tragic stories left behind by the devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey continue to flood in.

In another painful story, the volleyball team, which included students from Northern Cyprus, died among the 35,000 victims of the disaster.

And they killed students after winning a match in Turkey.

While their number reached 24 young men and women, according to the “channel4” website, which did not mention other details about the painful incident.

It is noteworthy that the latest official statistics in Turkey recorded that the earthquake victims had risen to 29,605 people, according to the Disaster and Emergency Management Department.

Despite these numbers, and with officials confirming that they may rise again, there are still hopes that more survivors will be rescued.

On Sunday, Turkish Vice President Fuad Aktay confirmed that the authorities had not lost hope of finding people alive.

He also said that nearly 34,000 people from the rescue teams are continuing searches for those stranded in the affected areas, despite the difficult conditions, according to what was reported by the Turkish “TRT” TV.

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