Cyril Féraud: Television Host, Author, and Game Enthusiast

2023-12-26 13:27:00

At 38 years old, French television host Cyril Féraud presents with a smile the emblematic programs of France Télévisions such as the famous game Slam, Duels enfamilies, La Carte aux Trésors, or 100% Logic, the hit Saturday evening show… He has been making viewers play with words and the French language for 20 years. With his book “Mission Zero Errors!”, published by HerperCollins, he makes you revise your spelling in a fun way. We will find him on Saturday December 30 at 9:10 p.m. hosting The Floor, conquering the ground, the new event game from France 2. A real success story for this games and television enthusiast since his earliest childhood .

When reading “Mission zero faults!”, is the objective to become fluent in French?

”Today we all communicate in the same way, by sending SMS, emails, exchanging on social networks… So, naturally, we all make more French mistakes than 20 years ago. Making mistakes is no big deal. What’s serious is doing a lot and not realizing it. I dreamed of covering all the basics of spelling in a fun way, in a book, with drawings, tables, arrows… On each theoretical page, there is a page of games to put into practice what we have just learned. to learn: crosswords, quizzes, true/false, sentences to reconstruct… Because I am convinced that we remember things when they surprise us, or amuse us, much more than when we are asked to learn them by heart. It’s not a spelling manual, nor a school textbook, nor a vacation notebook, it’s a book full of tips to stop making spelling mistakes once you’ve read it.”

What tips do we find?

”We write for example ‘blue eyes’, with ‘s’ and ‘turquoise blue eyes without ‘s’ in blue, and without ‘s’ in turquoise, because when we describe a color precisely, there is never of the’. Once you remember that, you remember it all your life, you will never make a mistake again. Many people also say ‘a cold gets worse’. No, a cold gets worse, it doesn’t get worse, it gets worse itself. Or ‘my sister’s dog’ instead of ‘my sister’s dog’. I also wanted it to be a book that was aimed at all audiences, regardless of educational background, age, or profession.”

Tell us about The Floor, the new event game which is starting soon on France 2?

”It’s called “the floor” because I have 100 candidates, in front of me, standing on a giant floor. Everyone owns a box with a category. The principle is to face neighboring squares in a duel, in general knowledge, to win them. The big winner after several weeks will be the one who has conquered the entire ground and who has won the 100,000 euros. It’s a game that is visually very strong, because having 100 candidates standing in front of you on a gigantic floor, a floor of screens, has a Squid Game feel to it.”

What do you think of this series adapted into reality TV Squid Game: the challenge?

“It’s an extremely well-made series. I became even more passionate about this series because it had the mechanics of a giant TV game: the way of choosing who plays which game, of making decisions, that some candidates have an advantage over others… I found the first episode of the adaptation quite successful because we are in the same settings as the series, it’s grandiose. Did we really need to go so far as to hide a paint capsule under the T-shirt, which explodes as if we had just killed someone at point blank range? I’m not sure, it would have been just as good without it.”

Are you proud of beating the second prime time of Star Academy with 100% logic?

”I don’t tell myself that I’m proud of having beaten anyone. What I am proud of is that we are achieving absolute audience records for the Saturday evening slot with this show on France 2, and for all audiences. Today we tend to consume more and more television on platforms or our phones and tablets, in our corner. As a child, I watched TV on Saturday evenings with my parents. Today, knowing that children are watching my shows with their parents, challenging each other, laughing and talking, is great. To still be able to bring the family together in front of the TV is magical.”

Is such success for games a surprise?

”That it was such a success, yes. This is a surprise because it is a considerable success. A success no, because when I saw the British test show of 100% Logic, I fell in love with this program. Afterwards, there was a lot of work, we did a real French adaptation, with the duration of a French show, and we changed and created lots of things: jokers, rounds, catches, passes… tricks that allow us to keep the viewer in suspense throughout the entire show, which lasts 2 hours 15 minutes without , so that they never get bored.”

“I dreamed of doing this job”

Where does this passion for games come from?

“It comes from Fort Boyard which I watched when I was little which made me want to do television. Growing up I became passionate about this universe and the way we made shows. At 14/15 years old, I started sending letters to production telling them ‘this test sucks, this test lasts too long, etc.’ That caught their attention. From there I was offered my first internship on Fort Boyard. “

You have a 20-year career, what do you like about this job?

“My first TV show was on Disney Channel and I was 18 years old. I like contact with people. I love, at the start of my games, interviewing anonymous people, having them tell me about their job, their passion, their collection, that they tell me about their grandchildren… I love putting them at ease, chatting with them, on and off the air. I hope that if I have the chance for a few years that the shows that I present are successful, beyond the mechanics and shows themselves, it is also because we feel my sincerity.”

Does it also require a lot of work?

“Yes, there is a lot of work. I produce, I am very involved in most of the shows that I present: preparation, filming, and editing. On prime time, there is not a single plan that I I haven’t corrected, or music that I haven’t shifted so that it starts at the right time, to set the rhythm. Afterwards, there is probably too much control. I like to have my eye everywhere. I’m able to see a light bulb going off (laughs). I almost have two personalities when I present a show, the hat of the producer and the host, but both are fascinating.”

Does all this leave you time for a private life?

“Yes, because such planning needs to be organized in advance, which means that months in advance you have organized your vacation. It’s a military organization. When you have the chance to realize your dream of As a child, you can’t get tired of it, complain about being tired or having a complicated rhythm.”

Do you have a future dream?

“I’m living the real dream. I dreamed of doing this job and today I have the chance to present a range of different shows. I dream that what I’m living can continue because we must not forget that today the next day, if you tire of viewers or if they get tired of your programs, everything can stop.”

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