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Yesterday, the city maintained cloudy to sunny weather during the day, and the highest temperature in the urban area rose to around 6°C in the afternoon. According to the latest forecast, it is expected that from now until the 9th, large-scale rain and snow will sweep across the central and eastern regions of my country. Among them, there will be heavy snow and local blizzards in parts of Northwest and North China. At the same time, the temperature in some parts of the north will drop temporarily, with a local drop of more than 8°C.

What’s the weather like in Jincheng? According to the latest forecast, from last night to the early morning of this morning, despite the influence of weak cold air, the temperature has not changed significantly. Today is mainly sunny to cloudy, and the temperature is stable, which is more suitable for travel. After the 9th, the sky in Jincheng will gradually turn cloudy, or there may be weak rain and snow, but the scope of influence is limited, and there will be a new round of cold air after that. Sunny and warm together.

Specifically, on the 9th, there may be rain and snow. Among them, from the afternoon to the first midnight, the sleet in the northwest turned to light snow, and the temperature dropped. The highest temperature in the urban area was only 3°C. From the 10th to the 11th, the temperature rose, and the highest temperature on the 11th was 10°C. From the 12th to the 14th, a new round of cold air will start. There will be strong winds and cooling weather. At that time, the temperature will drop by 4-6°C. Citizens are reminded to pay attention to the adjustment of the nowcast. At present, Jincheng is still in winter, and citizens need to pay attention to adding clothes in time to keep warm. According to the meteorological monitoring, it will be sunny to cloudy today with a slight breeze, with a maximum temperature of 7°C and a minimum temperature of -3°C.

Xinbao reporter Zhang Shanshan

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