“Daniel Bisogno Hospitalized: Updates on Controversial Mexican TV Host’s Emergency Surgery and Health Status”

2023-05-29 22:08:34

Daniel Bisogno is one of the most controversial figures on Mexican television. His personality and driving style in windowingIt always generates different opinions. Where is Chapoy? reported – this Monday – that the actor will also be absent indefinitely from the program, due to a health issue.

The main host of the entertainment program explained that this weekend Daniel Need entered the hospital, where he had to be operated on emergency

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“This weekend was emergency boarding school to present liver diseasethey burst varices of the esophagus and they had to intervene, to prevent his health from worsening. This Monday -possibly- they pass him to medium therapy. All week they will do a series of studies to find out the origin of the problem, such as checking the liverkidneys, pancreas”, they pointed out about the health of ‘El Muñe’.

You need to stay in it intensive therapy since last Saturday, which is why he could not appear at the recordings in Aztec Television.

According to Chapoy, the member of the program could leave intensive care this afternoon or tomorrow to be admitted to intermediate therapy.

“I’m very sad about that newsdear Dani, may God take care of you and protect you at all times”, “I send you a big hug and the wish that you get better soon, we love you very much and we will be waiting for you”, “God give you health and life”, were Some comments of Internet users.

What are esophageal varices?

According to the definition of the mayo clinicthese are enlarged veins in the esophagus, that is, in the tube that connects the throat to the stomachand usually appear in people with severe liver diseases.

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