Daniel Ricciardo’s Remarkable Journey: From Simulator to the Hungarian Grand Prix

2023-07-19 08:22:00

Daniel Ricciardo will return to Formula 1 this weekend by starting the Hungarian Grand Prix at the wheel of the AlphaTauri. On the eve of the stage, Christian Horner told how last year he decided to return the Australian rider to Red Bull Racing.

Christian Horner: “It all started last year in a hotel room in Mexico City. I had a meeting with Daniel – it was obvious that his options for 2023 were limited, so he looked pretty broken.

Then I offered him to return to Red Bull Racing for 12 months, but not behind the wheel, but to help us work on the simulator and participate in tire tests. So he could return his passion for sports, since it was obvious that he had already stopped enjoying what was happening. To be honest, in the last few years, I didn’t get to know the Daniel that we’re used to. That’s how it all started.

A few days after the race in Abu Dhabi, he came to work with us on the simulator, and it was a disaster. Daniel has adopted every bad habit imaginable. He started working with his past race engineer [Саймоном Ренни], and gradually got rid of these habits. Daniel added with each session, and his confidence gradually grew. He began to show the same pace as our main racers.

The original plan was to put Daniel behind the wheel for testing at Silverstone. In addition, we actively involved him in marketing activities, but in the tests he made an amazing impression. ”

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