Daniel Sikorski on Thomas Müller and FC Bayern, Hitzfeld and Podolski

To become a professional footballer at FC Bayern is the dream of countless young footballers.

For the vast majority of them, it remains wishful thinking. Daniel Sikorski was almost painfully close to fighting for points with the superstars at least once. The now 33-year-old came to FC Bayern at the age of 17 and fought for his debut in a competitive game for five years.

Unfortunately it never worked, but he still experienced a lot.

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The Austrian, who made frequent deliveries to FCB’s second team, once went on a trip to India with the reserve. That was in 2009. Also there was a certain Thomas Müller, who soon afterwards would mature into a world star.

Sikorski remembers very well: During a stop near the Himalayas, they stayed in a hotel “that had no mattresses. Instead we slept on boards. The showers were buckets of water and for dinner we had chips and cola from what felt like 1953, “said the striker in an interview with spox and goal.

When the players got a real meal elsewhere, “Thomas almost poisoned himself. Our food said ‘not spicy’, but it was spicy nonetheless. Thomas didn’t like it that way.” The later world champion “only went to the bathroom instead of training” the next day.

With tears in my eyes in the stands

Sikorski is still in contact with Müller: “He was always a joker and that hasn’t changed. He is still the Thomas I met back then.” He also had a lot in common with Lukas Podolski because of “our Polish roots”.

It was also Podolski who sat next to him when he had to experience one of his bitterest moments in Munich. In 2007 he was very close to his professional debut when Podolski and Miroslav Klose were injured. “I was invited to the final training session, played brilliantly and scored a few goals. Then Hitzfeld came to me and said that I was on the squad. I was as happy as a little child and thought: ‘Wow, now my moment has come . ‘”

Shortly before the game, however, the then coach Ottmar Hitzfeld brought him painful news: “He looked sad and told me that I was not eligible to play in the Bundesliga and therefore not allowed to be in the squad. The club had planned me beforehand for a medical test. As Hitzfeld said this, I was shaking inside. “

He had to watch the game from the stands instead of the bench, next to Podolski. “Bayern scored 1-0 early on, Toni was injured in the first half and Sandro (Wagner, d. Red.) Was substituted on. Poldi turned to me and said: ‘That would have been your chance.’ At that moment I had tears in my eyes. It hurt incredibly. ”

Club odyssey instead of a big stage

After that, Hitzfeld did not fall back on him, even under Jürgen Klinsmann and Louis van Gaal he did not get a chance. Finally, the passionate Bayern fan, who once applied to FCB by letter, decided to say goodbye.

“That annoyed me back then and in the years that followed I subconsciously often compared myself to players I had played with before. Sandro, for example, couldn’t get past me in the reserve and later became a national player,” said Sikorski and added: ” You think to yourself: Why was I so much better then and now he’s suddenly so much further than me? “

Meanwhile, however, he is at peace with himself. After Bayern, he went to Gornik Zabrze in Poland, an odyssey with over ten other bills of exchange was to follow. Today he plays in Cyprus with Aris Limassol.

“I like to look back without feeling sad or angry. I try to think about what I went through and not what I missed,” said Sikorski. And he has seen a lot.

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