“Daniela Álvarez amazes fans with her hidden talent: Watch her sing a beautiful Christian song on piano”

2023-05-18 02:47:25

Daniela Álvarez has earned the respect of more than one, not only because of her talent in front of the camera and modeling scenarios, but because despite the fact that her life changed 100%, she showed that you can go ahead and with your head more above. Now he left more than one open-mouthed after uploading a video showing another talent that he had not revealed.

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Daniela Álvarez has served as an inspiration to many people to move on with life, despite all the challenges that this entails, because it was not only a physical change, but also an emotional transformation and getting used to losing a vital part of your body.

In the midst of this new path, Daniela Álvarez discovered another talent that she could end up liking a lot, especially since users responded that she did it very well.

In said video the ex-queen appears sitting next to a piano singing a Christian song:

“They say that whoever sings God’s songs ‘prays twice’, so after 34 years I decided to start singing classes and we are preparing God’s Goodness. While we leave you this song that is part of today’s warm-up”affirmed the barranquillera.

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Users did not wait with their comments in said post:

“Excellent, singing to God is the best, it frees you”, “keep practicing”, she sings beautifully”, “she has a hidden talent”, “she sings beautifully, although it sounds weird”, “she says it herself: she is in class of singing why he doesn’t actually sing. But there is potential.” said Luz Irlanda Pérez, along with other users of social networks.

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