Dare wide pants

Whether high-waisted or not, flashy or neutral, wide-leg pants are ideal for women who want to remain elegant and feminine at the same time. The fluid and light pants are a must have of the season!

During the summer, we prefer to wear light clothes: dresses, skirts that allow us to withstand the sometimes suffocating and unbearable heat and to feel comfortable in our outfit while remaining feminine and elegant.

Pants are not to be banned from your list of summer outfits since they are also comfortable to wear during the summer and the models and colors of trendy pants for the season are very numerous, it’s up to you to play with the pieces to mix and match. for a total chic and modern look. In this issue, we offer you ideas for outfits to have and to associate with wide trousers to always stay on top.

Who says summer says light and cheerful colors and light fabric! It is therefore preferable to abandon your jeans and replace them with wide pants that will be worn in a sporty, elegant, chic version…

The large pants, apart from their very trendy side, have several advantages, the first of which is to refine the silhouette and enhance the size. This type of piece, worn with a simple white or blue shirt and sneakers, allows you to stay on trend and very comfortable. In this case, you can opt for white pants for a monochrome effect or a mixture of color degradation for a harmonious and homogeneous effect.

As for accessories and bags, you can play on simplicity by opting for small earrings and a necklace in silver or gold and a mini bag with steel handle in light, nude or gray color, for example. For those looking for more originality and who are fans of slightly sophisticated looks, they can play on the trendy colors of summer, such as green, pink, red and dare to wear pants of one of these colors. colors by marrying it with the other pieces.

Be careful, to avoid too much and always remain elegant, to avoid wearing more than three colors in the same outfit. We allow ourselves to mix colors but we stay in harmony, we can choose, in this way, a purple shirt and marry it with pink pants. The shoes, meanwhile, and the bag should be soft in color, such as white, a basic that works with almost everything, or nude, pale pink or light beige.

The wide pants are obviously worn on all occasions. For a super chic and very feminine look that can be adapted to the office, you can choose a model of wide pants with a belt or ribbon to tie. The advantage of this type of pants is that it refines and marks the waist. To wear with a shirt or a crop top that reveals the belt for a stylish and flawless look. The ideal, to complete this outfit, would be to wear shoes with heels, style pumps or sandals. The wide pants go wonderfully with all body types, except that, for small sizes, it is preferable to wear them with half-heels since they tend to pack the waist a little. Otherwise, large sizes can afford all kinds of shoes to wear with their pants. Make wide pants your summer ally since they allow you to create a different look each time and stay relaxed and very comfortable.

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