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Buenos Aires / 14.08.2022 23:43:26


In Argentina the controversy is red hot after the match between Racing and Boca Juniorswhich ended goalless amid claims to the central Fernando Rapallini for an unmarked penalty kick after a handball in the penalty area Avellanedaand it is that two players of the Xeneize They had a very hard discussion.

One of those involved is an old acquaintance of the Liga MX as it is Darío Benedettoformer striker of America y Onlywho is accused of allegedly fighting with blows with Carlos Zambranocentral Peru.

According to Argentine media, the problem began at halftime, when Benedetto claimed his companions for the performance of the group on the court, leaving to the dressing room very tense.

When the rest period was over, Zambrano showed inflammation in the cheekbonein addition to a notorious red mark on his face and speculation was triggered, because according to the Ole Newspapersources of the Aprevide confirmed that there was a fist fight which had to be stopped by the police.

And if that was not enough, Hugo Ibarracoach of Boca Juniorsdeclared that the confrontation between two of his referents did exist, although he did not dare to admit if the blows he showed Zambrano were derived from it.

There was an argument, nothing more than that. I can talk to you about the game later. I have no idea what happened, I’ll talk about it. I have no idea, it was played 90 minutes, something could have happened in the game… I know that there was an argument and nothing more“, he pointed.

Boca Juniors remains in dispute for two trophies, the Argentine League and the Copaafter being eliminated in Libertadores Cup at the hands of Corinthians in the Round of 16.

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