David Beckham: The Truth Behind His Life and Rise to Success

2023-10-05 10:12:41

This Wednesday, October 4, it was officially launched ‘Beckham‘, the documentary of Netflix about the life of David, the former soccer player who today is the owner of Inter Miami. In the midst of colorful moments, an interruption went viral about a story by Victoria, his wife, who told what her socioeconomic condition was like in her youth. “Be honest,” she demanded.

David Beckham scolded Victoria

‘Beckham’, the documentary of Netflix that narrates the life of David Robert Joseph Beckham It officially premiered this October 4 on the platform worldwide. And in a few hours a moment that portrayed a crossover between the couple went viral.

Victoriahis wife and former member of the Spice Girlsrecounted what his childhood and adolescence were like, focusing on the family’s daily life and socioeconomic condition.

“Yes, we both come from very hard-working families. My parents worked a lot. We are working class,” Victoria began, who was immediately interrupted by David. “Be honest,” the British man demanded. The artist’s response was forceful: “I am honest.” And the former player retorted: “How did your dad take you to school?” Her answer was evasive: “My dad…”. David intervened again, from behind a curtain: “No, an answer. What car? “What car did your dad take you to school in?” That’s how Victoria opened up: “It depends… It’s okay. In the 80s, my father had a Rolls Royce”. It was there that David thanked him for his honesty.

The former soccer player asked him to tell the truth about the socioeconomic situation during his youth.

David Beckham remembered his worst moment

Since its beginnings in Manchester UnitedDavid Beckham was the protagonist of great stories, he was the star of the team and had an amazing career, with goals, assists, shots and even advertisements that took him to the forefront of the world.

However, there was a moment when he faltered and was harshly punished by the British fans. It happened after his expulsion in the round of 16 of the France World Cup 1998when England was eliminated on penalties at the hands of Argentina.

In that duel, the English midfielder saw the red card 47 minutes into the first half after a clash with Diego Simeone, who remained on the field. The subsequent hostility was aberrant.

The renowned platform released the preview of the English documentary.

David Beckham crying

In his new documentary NetflixDavid reviewed that moment of World Cup 1998 and burst into tears. What happened after his expulsion was very hard.

“I wish there was a pill I could take that could erase certain memories. I made a stupid mistake. “It changed my life,” she began.

And she added with anguish: “We were in the United States on vacation after the World Cup, about to have our first baby, and I thought: ‘We’ll be fine.’ In a day or two people will have forgotten. Everywhere I went, I received abuse every day.”

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Not only that, but there were fans who they crossed the limit, according to his story. “Walking down the street and seeing people look at you a certain way, spit at you, call you names, get up in your face and tell you some of the things they said, that’s hard,” he explained.

Everything changed when he talked about his mental health and how to handle the situation: “I wasn’t eating, I was not sleeping. I was a disaster. Not know what to do. It attracted a lot of attention that I would never wish on anyone, much less my parents, and I can’t forgive myself for that. That’s the hard part about what happened, because I was the one who made the mistake. When I have been through difficult times, I was able to block him, but inside he killed me.”

In addition to the words of the former player, his wife Victoria He referred to how the British man’s mind was: “He was absolutely depressed.”

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How David Beckham continued after the 1998 World Cup

After the World Cup in France, the midfielder took a few days off and had to return to Manchester United. Faced with the difficult situation, Alex Ferguson officiated with humanity and David recalled a dialogue he had with the coach: “I think I was very emotional when I called him on the phone and he said: ‘Son, go away for three weeks, go and rest. And when You come back, they will look after you here in Manchester.’ And that was what got me through that particular season, in all honesty, it ended up being a season where I won the treble.”

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