David Foenkinos highlights magnificent losers in his latest novel



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E. Cornet, A.-M. Revol, J.-M. Lequertier, J. Ababsa, B. Geron, S. Lacombe

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Tribute to those who, at the very beginning of their artistic adventure, were present in the casting and were not chosen. This is the story that fascinated the writer David Foenkinos, who is interested, in his latest novel, in the young actor who was not the one chosen to play Harry Potter. He was not the only one to disappear from the poster.

Maybe Liam Aiken should have known the light, the glory, the fans. Initially chosen to be Harry Potter, the young American was finally replaced by Daniel Radcliffe. A decision by the author of the saga JK Rowling, who wanted an English actor to play the little wizard. Thus sent back into the shadows, Liam Aiken never came out of it, despite some obscure roles in the cinema. A misadventure that inspired the latest novel by writer David Foenkinos. “It’s a book regarding reparation, consolation, me when I discover his story, I’m upset”, he said.

Misfortunes like these, the entertainment world has dozens. How not to point out the misfortune of drummer Pete Best, ejected from the Beatles just three weeks from the recording of the first album. Or that of Henri Padovani, original guitarist of Police, asked to pack his bags before the first successes of the group. In the 1980s, Seymour Brussel was one of the Unknowns. In disagreement with the producer, he chose to slam the door, also frightened by the premises of fame. Having become an osteopath, he therefore experienced the triumph of his former colleagues from afar.

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