De Croo: “This war will be settled on the ground, Ukraine’s victory will have to be military”

On a visit to Ukraine – with Hadja Lahbib, Minister of Foreign Affairs – Alexander De Croo sends us this categorical message on the outcome, the only one possible in his view, of the war and Russian aggression: there is no no diplomatic way, Vladimir Putin is not an interlocutor, we come up against a “wall”, the solution passes through the battlefield…

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AAt the end of a surprise two-day visit to Ukraine, to Borodianka and Boutcha on Sunday, towns hard hit in the Russian offensive, Alexander De Croo is adamant, more perhaps than he has ever been since the beginning of the war last February, and than are their counterparts heads of government in Europe: there is no possible negotiation with Vladimir Putin, everything will be decided on the battlefield, period.

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