Dealing with Seat Occupation on Public Transportation: Tips and Complaints

2023-08-26 04:02:54

Other netizens suggested that next time you encounter a similar situation, you can report it to the train conductor. (Picture / flip from Dcard)

Whether you are taking the high-speed rail or Taiwan Railway, one person is one seat. If you really want more space, you can buy two seats. A male netizen complained that when taking the high-speed rail, he found that a passenger occupied two seats by himself. Later, he found out that the reason why the other party occupied two seats was because he wanted his friend who got on the train at the next stop to have a seat, which made him painful. Criticize selfishness.

The original PO stated that he was going back to Taichung by taking the high-speed rail unrestricted seat on the train from Taipei, but unexpectedly, he encountered a person occupying two seats, and the person involved was not in the seat, and then he and another girl next to him were waiting for the other person to come back, because they wanted to I asked the other party if I could give up a seat. After arriving at Banqiao Station, I finally waited until the person came back, only to find out that the other party deliberately occupied the seat, so that her friend who got on the bus from Banqiao Station would also have a seat.

The original PO was furious and cursed, “Is it because I don’t have the money to buy the right seat, or because I don’t want to buy it to save dozens of dollars? Can I really stop being so selfish? It’s small enough.” From the photo, you can see the seat near the window There is a pile of sundries on the table, there is a large suitcase in the aisle, and a large bag is placed on the seat near the aisle.

As soon as the post came out, there was discussion. Netizens commented “Report to the train conductor for occupying a seat”, “One person occupies 2 seats, so you can respond to the train conductor”, “What will happen if she piles all her things in the same place”, ” I’ll push my luggage in and sit down.”

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