Death afflicts the artistic community with the death of a famous director

Director Khairy Bishara mourned the director of documentary films, Mohamed Imad El-Din, after his struggle with cancer.

Khairy Bishara said: “An unknown knight has passed away from our time. You do not know him, but we know him and we recognize that he was better than us, with his inimitable ability without claiming to withdraw away from the swamp of our daily trifles and the illusions of our ambitions.”

Khairy Bishara added: He was self-educated, honest in his feelings and noble in his behavior, and his heart did not know jealousy or hatred. His gaze was filled with enthusiasm, intelligence, love and solidarity.

Finally, Khairy Bishara said: The great friend, the noble knight, and the best among us, director Muhammad Imad Al-Din Al-Hadidi, may he rest in peace.

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